grasping high the dream,
failing not the action which
takes winding winds through
unwoven caves of hidden hurt.
untold fear and unkept force caving
in the heat of blinding bliss.
lights dreamt anew
lacking forward disregard for
pleasant times.
pleasing whom, but i?


10 minutes or less


Eating: Noodles and butter. Yum.

Waiting for: The wash cycle to finish.

Anticipating: Movie night with Melissa. I'ma comin', Gerard!

Thankful for: Electricity. God's provisions. Opportunity.

Listening to: Birds chirping a playful tune.

Wearing: T-shirt, ripped AE jeans (the best ever created, I'm convinced), and FLIP FLOPS. Oh, oh yes.

Welcome home, Spring :)


ode to electricity

you flick the switch,
plug it in,
in a blink of an eye, the world is lit again.
curling irons, toasters,
microwaves, roasters,
water pumps, phone chargers,
heat, ceiling fans, humidifiers.
what to do, when the power bids adew?
trees fallen on lines, fallen wires wasting my time.
i miss you, twinkle lights, and the glow you give my night.
and you, stove top, i will run back to you with a skip and a hop.
never again will i complain,
of a broken light bulb and it's ensuing emotional pain.

it's amazing how something as small as a 6-day power outage caused by hurricane-force winds can humble you to the mass chaos and tragedy so many others are facing weeks and years after disaster strikes. i have nothing, nothing to complain about.