randomosity at its finest

- I'm home. Officially home. It may be awhile before I'm able to debrief on the year...it really was a ginormous strain on my emotions (stress+pain as I so enthusiastically connected today). Give me another year and we'll see how I feel about it. Truth be told, I could write a book.

- Again, HOME. Unpacking has been horrendous, as I'm sure it is pre-destined to be. Since I'll be living at home for a bit while I transition into teaching, I thought I ought to tackle the piece of me I've treasured and held close for as long as I've been away from it - my bedroom. My bedroom. I LOVE my bedroom. The lighting is perfect. The smell is perfect. My BED is perfect. Goodness, how I've missed it. Problem? Relatively certain I was bustin' it to N'Sync when I last painted it. Serious problem, actually. Before I can paint, however, I need to clean. Before I can clean, I need to unpack. Before I can unpack, I need to pitch...I don't think I'm doing justice to the viciousness of this cycle...

- I've always been thankful for friendship. Not hard to do. I do think, however, that it's incredibly easy to take for granted. We all learn this little tid-bit at different stages in our lives; however, I happen to be learning mine as I speak - transitioning into new social circles and making new friends is HARD! I have my friends. Overwhelmingly great friends, actually. We've connected, bonded over years of laughter, tears, trials and joys. It isn't that we don't want new friends, right? It's just that we don't foresee ourselves melding well in a new "circle" when we already have our own beautifully crafted one, even if it does stretch across the country and into the Caribbean! I'm so thrilled to meet new people, but I miss MY people.

I really thought I had more energy to put into this. Shucks.

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  1. Bets! I should come help you clean your room.... I would love to help you paint or something!!!