Round II

3 days down, 29 to go. It's been interesting. Here are the basics:

20 children
2 IEPs
Age span of 3-5
2 head teachers, 2 assistants
2 field trips a week
2 hour nap time daily
9 hour days (for myself)
3 weeks of full control

I won't have as many technical requirements (lesson plan write-ups, unit plan, portfolio, assignments, etc); however, I will have to complete daily journals and a weekly reflection (ahmm...CAKE compared to this)

Considering the "breaks" throughout the day and the nature of a Head Start summer program, I am not left as tired as my six hour days in 2nd grade were leaving me; however, I also don't have an hour commute on 2 CTA buses and a train, in addition to never ending streams of grading, planning, reflecting, and researching to navigate. I'm missing it all, though. Probably more than anyone knows.

It will be an interesting placement. I was able to chat with the two assistant teachers today during nap time (assistant, despite a combined 20 years with the program). I'm hoping relationships can build...soon. I was fortunate before, but so far all is good here.

We'll see :)

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