Ode to Preschool

Shoelaces and tissues
Toys that you misuse
Snotty noses and sunburns
Gotta touch that worm!

I love you, three-year-olds,
You and your incessant colds.

Four-year-olds, don't fear,
Your tantrums, I will always hold dear.

You five-year-olds, tricky as you may be,
Can never, and will never, ever fool me!

Running, jumping, kicking, screaming,
Biting, lying, falling, peeing.
Greasy, dirty, smelly, wet,
You are, by far, the messiest children I have ever met.

I love you, dear sweet ones,
Now please, for the love of God, tell us if you have the runs!
Perhaps I'll go join those nuns...


  1. haha, oh Betsy how I miss you! I'm sure those kiddies are keeping you on your toes....at least that's what it sounds like!

  2. hope u are having a great time!