'The time has come,' the Walrus said,
'To talk of many things:
Of shoes -- and ships -- and sealing wax --
Of cabbages -- and kings --"

Well, I received direction for the upcoming year - just not the direction that I had initially anticipated. And why should this surprise me?

To say that this decision was a difficult one would be an understatement, as would be saying that describing it to people hasn't been the easiest task.

A great deal of thought, prayer, and time has gone into my plans for the next 12 months. I could (and will, if requested) go into the deeply rooted details; however, for blogging purposes I will choose to stay simple and to the point - A challenge, but one I should be up for!

On September 6th I will be leaving for Connecticut where I will be living with and working for a wonderful family, the Fosters, for approximately one year. The Fosters have three children, Elizabeth (13), Wells (11), and Katherine (9), whom I will be helping to care for during my stay.

Leaving Michigan again will not be easy; however, I am confident that this will be a rewarding experience through which I will gain a deeper understanding of myself, others, and perhaps even where I am supposed to be as a teacher.

As far as teaching goes, to say I am excited and eager to be in my own classroom would also be an understatement. During my time in Chicago, as well as at the Head Start program in Jackson, an incredibly deep passion was built upon the existing passion I've had for awhile - to teach a certain population, in a certain location. I thought that pull was strong before - it's gotten stronger, and continues to strengthen by the day. A year ago I would have likened this desire to a fish tugging on its bait. Now, I think it's safe to say I feel like my heart is being submerged by massive anchor.

So why am I not teaching this year? This is where the "simple and to the point answer" challenge presents itself. Here it is.

These past two years have brought me through extreme highs and extreme lows. My heart and mind were challenged in ways I never thought imaginable. Through these times you just have to push and fight for what means most to you. I never stopped. Now that I am equipped and ready to go out I'm finding that, in order to do so successfully, I need to take some time to catch my breath. In order for me to give my ALL to the children that have caught my attention, I need to gather myself together emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Maybe it is unnecessary for me to do this, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I need to dive in with my whole heart, rather than just pieces of it.

So, am I excited about Connecticut? Yes. I'm excited to build some meaningful relationships with some great people. I'm excited to explore a part of the country that has always intrigued me. I'm excited to make connections on a professional level and pursue my career in education. But mostly, I'm excited for that passion to strengthen and for this wonderful means to lead to an incredible end.

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  1. wonderful.
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