100 Piece Cookie Cutter Set and Peanuts

Two incredibly blog-worthy moments happened to me today. They are as follows:

1. While browsing the shelves of a local thrift store (props to you, thrift stores, for your consistent support and supply to crafters and creative minds everywhere), I stumbled upon a find unlike any other. After passing through seas of silverware and fields of frames, the "find-to-end-all-finds" was there, glowing like a nugget of pure gold. What was it? What was this "find-of a century"? A boxed 100 piece cookie cutter set. Two words: Preschoolers and Play-Dough. Alright, I guess that's three.

2. [Clears Throat] I am officially a registered student at Bank Street College, Graduate School of Education. You know how I know?
Username: 234503
Password: It's a secret.
I also know that students, under no circumstances, are allowed to bring any nut products onto the Bank Street premises due to severe nut allergies. Insider information.

I'm sure you're as excited as I am.

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