Reading and rereading my essay questions, resume, philosophy, etc. etc.

Listening to Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory and wondering how I still remember every word, from start to finish.

Watching Lost, Season 2. We have a love/hate relationship going.

Cooking cookies! Homemade chocolate chip.

Wearing yoga pants and an H&M hoodie. I don't "do" yoga and the hoodie is actually Holly's (ssh!), but both are the most comfortable I have ever worn. Ever.

Wishing I could bring Holly back to the city.

Thinking about lighting some candles.

Craving Cinnabons and Slurpees.

Digging my new haircut. Seriously.

Excited for SPRING and, of course, suma-suma-sumatime!

Laughing at my inability to do a proper load of laundry and the irony that the color blue holds therein.

Hoping for a relaxing Friday.

Annoyed by the fact that every bone in my body aches. 80 year old man here...

Loving my to-do list. It's a strange, strange thing.

Regretting not grabbing a glass of milk to go with my cookies.

Thankful for peace.

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