Making Apple Pie

The other day I went back to some of my old blogs, back to the days of MySpace, Xanga, and dare I say it? LiveJournal. Oh yes, I went there. What in the world was I thinking?

I've always known that I've had a bit of a problem with confusing the line between idealism and reality, but MAN! This is all I can say: I'm relatively certain that 96% of my posts mentioned New York City. Ahmm. Normally I wouldn't spend time writing about this, but when I discovered that it was roughly 7 years ago that New York first seeped its way into my head, I couldn't resist commenting on it. 7 years is a long, long time. So, here is a little something I would like to dedicate to my faithful, old friend. My friend that kept me motivated, encouraged, confused, frustrated, and sleep-deprived. My friend that emptied my already-small wallet, cluttered my brain with useless facts, and likely convinced my closest loved ones of my insanity.

Here's to you, New York City, for helping to mold me into the woman I am today. I leave you with this:

New York, New York
To you, I pop the cork.
You've been faithful, kind
To you, I once dedicated my mind.
Times, they change
My sights are seeing a new range.
Fear not, sweet Apple
For you will always be on my map-ple.
Close to my heart, you will always be
On your streets is where I once found the key.
Years and years, you have been
A goal, a dream, a trusted friend.
Will I ever pay your outrageous rent?
A pretty-penny on Metrocards spent?
Perhaps, maybe, someday,
I will venture to move across the Bay.
But, until then, I will see you Monday.

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