Stalking, Toy Stores, and Doggie Parks

Melissa had a hot date in the city today so, of course, I join her for a little moral support and some gold, old-fashioned stalking. Aside from the rain (which, I am learning, does not have mercy on the short hair), the day was pretty spectacular! (I'll let you decide whether that can be said for her, myself, or the both of us).

While Melissa went to join her fella for an afternoon brunch, I made my way over to H&M in search of some teacher/interview clothes. Goodness gracious did I have luck! A little tooooo much luck, if you ask me. (I may or may not have went on a toy store spree last week in the city, as well. No shame.)

Thanks to Google Maps, I discovered that the one building I have always, ALWAYS, wanted to get up-close and personal with was only a few blocks from the area I was in. You think I was excited? While Melissa was still wining (Sorry, Melissa!) and dining with her date, I decided to go on one of my own. I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Flatiron - reason # 685 why I love this city (and probably why I'm single).

The first time seeing my favorite building. It was love at first sight.

Pretty sure my breath caught in my chest.

We had a great time getting to know one another.

Such a beautiful thing. I'm a big fan of that neighborhood, Union Square, and of these cozy little places:

And I leave you with this:

I would LOVE to have a dog in the city, for this very reason: Taking her to doggie parks :)

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